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PANTRY ESSENTIALS | 10 foods I always have in my pantry

PANTRY ESSENTIALS  | 10 foods I always have in my pantry

Keeping healthy ingredients on hand is half the battle when it comes to making eating well easy and sustainable. I’ll show you the 10 PANTRY ESSENTIALS I always keep on hand to help make simple, healthy, delicious meals all week long.

While this is not an inclusive list, the foods you will just about always find in my pantry include beans, whole grains, canned fish, protein powder, collagen peptides, collagen creamer, oils, salt broth, oats, vinegar, and canned soups.

There are just SO many ways to use these ingredients, especially if you pair them with freezer and fridge staples.


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Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt:
Maldon Sea Salt:
Alaea Red Hawaiian-style Sea Salt:
Organic Rolled Oats:
Wild Planet Skip Jack Tuna:
Wild Planet Sockeye Salmon:
Wild Planet Sardines:
Collagen Creamer:
Collagen Peptides:
Rice wine
Red Wine Vinegar:
Amy’s Lentil Soup:
Large Mason Jars:

Top 10 Freezer Staples:
Top 10 Frideg Staples:

Escarole Beans:
Black Eyed Peas + Collards:
Slow Cooker Pork:
Asparagus Soup:
Chickpea Salad:
Tuna Salad:
Farro Pesto Salad:
Caesar Salad:
Berry Hemp Smoothie:
Vanilla Refresher Shake:
Turkey Veggie Chili:
Lentil Soup:
Minestrone Soup:
Chocolate Chip Cookies:



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