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LEARNING EVERY DAY CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ⭐ (why and how I learn daily) ⭐

LEARNING EVERY DAY CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ⭐ (why and how I learn daily) ⭐

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Changing your life doesn’t need to involve big and drastic changes. Sometimes, the small and simple things we do on a consistent basis can make a world of a difference. In this video, I share the one habit that I rarely skip and the one that I think has changed my life the most. It is the habit of daily learning. As always, we are all different and have different ways of approaching life. Choose the items from this video that resonate with you and leave the rest! I hope this video gives you a few ideas for incorporating regular learning into your life.

Here are the time stamps for this video:

Intro: 0:00
Why learning daily is important to me: 1:34
Mini-exercise for identifying your learning reasons and goals: 4:59
How I make daily learning happen: 7:20
Resources I like to use: 7:33
Fitting learning into my day: 14:36
Retaining what I learn: 16:24
Outro: 17:45

Links you might find useful:

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