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Ironic, Sarcastic: Guaranteed Weight Loss Program for Women Over Fifty

Ironic, Sarcastic: Guaranteed Weight Loss Program for Women Over Fifty

Sure-fire, no-mistake, absolutely FAVORABLY functions. Simply ask me.
So now you more than fifty (or whatever). You have a brand-new body you really did not enroll in, you have hillsides where you would certainly prefer valleys, and also have actually expanded where you would certainly have liked to agreement.
Join the club. Lotta individuals in it.
WAIT! I have the answer.

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This is what you do:
1. Join a body favorable movement. Discover to love your contours. No, truly stay with me below.
2. Accept the unpreventable. …
3. Employ a high-end, top-of-the-line wardrobe consultant. They will rip via your closet and also drawers, toss out, donate and also market off all your single-digit sized garments (bear in mind those?) and also clear the way for a Beautiful New You.
4. Thousands in fees as well as in brand-new designer duds later on, you are primping before the mirror, enjoying the New You, vibrant, stunning and also bodacious.
5. Protect in your new fabulousness, you stride out into the globe, armed to the teeth with all that new-found self-confidence. Absolutely nothing can quit you currently.
6. Begin a blog site on loving your body. Obtain popular. Build a following of raving fans with your loud, pleased, love me like I am message.
7. And also without delay shed your appetite. For some outrageous reason, only kale and cabbage are appealing.
8. 6 months later on, nothing fits. You’ve lost fifty extra pounds and afterwards some.
9. Not just have you cut you down, so your newly-slimmed savings account is also skinnier.
10. Head to A good reputation to locate your old developer losers.
11. Rinse, repeat.
12. I forgot. Now all your going crazy fans hate your rotten skinny intestines. Traitor.
Simply ask me.
Functions every time.

Absolutely nothing can stop you now.
Develop a following of going crazy fans with your loud, pleased, love me like I am message.
For some crazy reason, absolutely nothing however kale and cabbage are appealing.
6 months later on, absolutely nothing fits. You’ve shed fifty extra pounds and also after that some.


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