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Homemade Ice Cream | Science of Cooking with KiwiCo

Homemade Ice Cream | Science of Cooking with KiwiCo

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Join Jachs and me as we make homemade cookies and cream ice cream! If you have kids, definitely watch this one together. Such a fun way to connect with your kids while learning something new (and eating something delicious!).


0:00 Intro
0:45 Unboxing KiwiCo | Science of Cooking Crate
1:50 Ingredients for Cookies and Cream
2:09 Getting Started
2:47 Mixing the Ingredients
4:07 Our First Reveal
4:51 More Mixing
5:13 Our Second Reveal
5:41 Adding the Cookies
6:02 Serving It Up
6:25 Tasting
6:37 Outro – KiwiCo offer


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